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"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most

perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves [because of their own legal ignorance]."

[Dresden James]

Requirement for Consent

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TABLE OF CONTENTED wisiccesssancsoastsvessanssenstesioasivancansvdnssanyenassaoncasueisneausibavwesieksseneranevansssigeaetinensonncines 2 SUSE OE VA US sg gensscsrpsacissvasscadunasecccunsoescincboaviceaienian vedas asseasavan vad veucconsnessieeyaussasniosveaued ieecanaaasauedieneen 5 TABLEAOE AU THORUUES sascessvssdsessesasiassaicapisnesteassndcapiva stirs Restistennsneeieeaiencicemnsicebsteanenstieanaes 6 1 The essence of sovereignty: Consent ..........ssscscssssssssssssssssesssscssssssessssssssesscssssssssssesssasessnasesencscs 49 1.1 Requirement for consent is the FOUNDATION of our system of civil law ...... eee 50 1.2 Consent is the ONLY way PUBLIC civil statutes and PRIVATE contracts can acquire the PUB CS 1L MANG ca ctcscse ca coated ac alas onsen waaesd eaas ber eSeuticyies tate ae Ade yeesenddseadaec sett acdsee 52 1.3. Loss of natural or common law Rights requires CONSENT 0... eeeeeeeesseceseeeeeeeeneeeaeeees 52 LA. Consent removes equality Under 16 LAW scccntesexcesecconetesansiececeioseuzascrngvecaunedeaasonactaar seaman ends 54 1.5. Government’s purpose for existence: To protect the requirement for consent................6 56 1.6 Consent circumscribes the boundary between PUBLIC and PRIVATE, and what is DOMMES TIC Hind PORE TGIN jai wassagascavenasicanscsaudletbsaseabosiaiaasmeesaoceodwetade soeendanteiageekannisusearawien 58 1.7. Coercion=Force=Violence=Terrorism=INJUstice ............c.sccescceseeeeecenseceesscescerencensecerseeeoneeees 70 Tee. - PASSE eM OS CUIG wesiscesiiacuinsce etna sven ncadvncstcedisaceauents ezedalesectutevadsnveecausueasdeantoresanneccendueuniccanelde 75 Z “Whe Meaning Of “Justice” sessiseasicsanossousienxsocsecntssncabnssoncavonsesscossssnsneusseusateasiesvenssanccunsoaiccsed suaunaoeass 77 2d, WPOMWOUIGIs - s2:css5;cdacascesnacsasnsceesesessuderaaeduevesnnweaneseanledsuatedapsioieaqssnssceousneseedebonoalanadabsevagncsensenees at Pee, Wea WUC esas ileal tac ont ceca daca elt ee ces see esse cat eceececdetdsa cet aac eens Oia ea a mccceees Vt 2.2.1 Legal definition Of “JUStiCe” is.55 ccs c.scdet cs sdateys, Sedeneas devas Sacenass odbbioes Sedevesd sees ebdeSentteeeaass 77 2.2.2 Statutory definition of “Justice”? oo... ee eeeeccesecseeeeeeeceeeeeesecaecaeeeeceaecaeeenessecsaeeaeeeeeaeeaeees 80 2.2.3 Legal justice can easily be perverted when it is defined as “give every man his due’”’......83 2.2.4 IO TS Ta Seach tages ecelenl cena cep ote ses teen sauits eoaataeennsenn san oceans erceinedetucasn 92 2.2.5 The original founding documents FORBID welfare or “benefits”. There IS not “legal justice” forthe: poor :.354c,:deis Sia wheal ahs Bia Miles joes eden ed eee alead 93 2.2.6 Socialism results when governments ignore or try to circumvent the founding COCUMIEMIS isccaceciusscades sccseseceassdvesdacsenecedutheceniccanaes nantes vudsswashdvutanes senda snbesvabenscuensehaceumpbenseaesesas 98 224 PREVENTIVE justice requires consent and voluntary membership, while CORRECTIVE Justice: dOes 1Ot sin. ssncddtesenesvevssstectesustecsswsodestessadeves “ailevteiatebansiic deuce 103 2.2.8 The Right to Ignore the State (Civilly) oo... eee ceseeeseceseceseceseceeeceeeeeseeeceeeeaeeeaeeeaeeeaeenaees 107 ZO: MOCIal/ POU Cal MWS Ce css secs adesscu chested cates dic vteis deadstvaceccesdees ae reebec teens lanes eee 114 2.3.1 Political definition of “Social Justice” .......ceccescsseceseceseceeeceeeceeeceeeeeeceeeaeeeaeeeseeeeeeaeesaees 114 2.3.2 Aristotle’s Definition Of JUStICe 0.0... ..ceecceecceeseeeeeesceeseeescecaeecaaeceaeceaeceaeceseseeeeeeeeseeeeeseenaes 116 Pe TAU C AL INSOICE acids cosientoeasenerapnedeavnsvanttesancvensuaulseigtdnnnsasbusevseatenaacceadtuesseatioaesesaadeteadancatseths 125 2.4.1 Biblical definition of “justice”: God’s law is the ONLY measure for whether “justice” is in deed and in fact served by any secular JUdge....... eee ceeceeeceeeeeseeeeeeeeaeeeaeeeaeeeaeeenaees 125 2.4.2 “Biblical Justice” v. “Social/Political Justice... eeseseecesseceeeseeeeceseeaeeeeeeaeseeeeeeaeenee 129 2.5 Corruption of the government: Turning “Legal Justice” into “Social Justice”... 134 2.5.1 “Legal justice” v. “Social/Political justice” ee eeeeccesecseeeeseeceeeeseeeeceaeeaeeeeeeaeeaeeeneeneenee 134 2.5.2 “Justice” in your interactions With QOVerMMENL...........eeeeceseeseeeeeeseceeeeeeseceeeeeeeeecaeeaeees 136 2.5.3 The Criminality and Injustice of Turning Legal Justice into a Statutory Franchise or LAV BG sasiiss oes cc esea vt vs ya sedaeie eda bs asses once sates dates ,sovvas ti du ceu te equtedsahy eseest cos ete csdeemartoneantcelseess 139 2.5.4 Equality of Opportunity v. Equality of Outcome... cee eeceeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeaeeeaeeeeeenaees 144 20. What Justice is:NOT ar sy iat 18 "Ij UStICe ics acess dacertvaep hasty cate sane de iene oadaee ne evenness 147 2.7 Abuses of the term “justice” to accomplish “injustice” oo... ee eeeeeeceneceeeeneeeeeeeeeeeceaeeneeeaee 148 2.8 God’s Biblical Prescription to Restore “Legal Justice” oo... ee eeceecsseceeeseeeseeeeeeeeenaeenneenee 150 2) MilbliGalsOpe Tr Waste eae ccseteovadaceeeGavaus Goressessasa eessaeeens eee sie teeen eae eee ae 158 AA) COMCIISIONG 52 szci655iseducisaisacsaenssdesasoroaneneusduevasnienaannedsiecsavaiensstiidedasadatarsuanasde aasveadasaanadievasnesedtens 159 2.11 Kesources for Purther Study atid Rebuttal so cjcc5cccd, cscecccaseseceedseticitesceacddeavecteraovetareeieteeseenne 162 Requirement for Consent 2 of 489

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3 Consent from a religious Perspective ..........cccccssccccssscrssscscssscscssscssssscccsssccsssscsssssscsssssesssssesssaseres 164 3.1 God only relates to People who consent through Covenants ...........::ceecceeeseeeseeeeeeeteeeeneeeenes 164

3.2 The Main difference between God and Satan is How they Procure your Consent and

MOT MIEN at Bere aca dts aa ae pert eee a ese eee eae ae 166

3.3. Satan needs your CONSENT to do absolutely everything he does to hurt you... 169

& The truce meaning Of “Vonintary™ sssseasssessccssenciecnsvssienssvncicsnsesi cusses sxeenvsnadssusvaciacaninatecsievaieennniades 169 DS. Your Power to COmiract scsscisscscicicscsassavscssssuedenadedurtinstatawenduavsensssuntesaiaistlansistesastsusssnatetaxusatvesorence 175 5.1 The power to define the significance of your OWN words is the ORIGIN of your right to CONTA sca dicrese cto reuteatectonstenis sveossihepesiaaensaninhenenetieeneagsctenncrne Reed nna nea aaannieenatenriaes 175

5.2 The three methods for exercising our Constitutional right to contract... eee eeeeeeeeeees 178

D.o “NCOMSEME VF Ae CICMIE ss caceaicd cia rece cteese actoed beet aces dead sieetuucceex said coda tasb eens Sichanedad Maaeps heeuetals 186

6 Things you CANNOT lawfully Consent t0 .0...........ccssccssssscsssccssscccsssccssesccssscsssssscssscssseesseseessess 193 6.1 God forbids believers to contract away rights to government or civil rulers... eee 193

6.2 You cannot consent to perform an illegal act without criminal consequences ...............00+ 195

6.3 Non-franchisees cannot lawfully consent to the jurisdiction of a franchise court............... 196

6.4 You cannot lawfully consent individually to enlarge ANY of the civil powers of government

and if you do, the obligations created are UNENFORCEABLE... cece ceeceeereeeneeenneeees 198

7 How people voluntarily enslave themselves ...............cccsssssscccssssssccssssscccssssssccssssssssscssssscssssoses 203 7.1. Consent is what creates the “person” or “individual” who is the only proper subject of

BR VSURIIMIO TNE CLV IU LAN agetracaedteecesntcced lancet el deeciet sede te tut vaadaiddys Au sans Set detncydieecaadldad aeceeSl ceeds 205

7.2 The process by which the people VOLUNTARILY enslave themselves............seeeeeeees 210

7.3, Compulsory Civic Service: You SECRETLY volunteered! ........ cee eeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeneeeeeneeees 210

7. - Comsentitis to (he guriSdicton ot COU se csce2ctcceessenctine ceed cosucrdesoeeaeaduupestezenscaeicoececacuntgeaauetens 214

S. “GOvErmmient Arid CONSEIL oa. .iscscccescsacetnencndicondscanieowsatsuseneucsssecsadsendccuedauncsancuevesasessnasatsupseasetuenovanes 219 8.1 How are civil legal obligations toward government lawfully created? 0.0... ee eee eeeeeee 219 8.1.1 Statutory definitions of “operation Of LAW? 0.0... eseeceseeseeeecesecseeeceeseceaeeaeeeceaeeaeeeeeeaeenee 219

8.1.2 Example: Operation of Law in Probate 20.0... ceeceseceseceseceseeeseeeeeeeeneeeaeeeaeeeaeeeaaeenaees 223

8.1.3 False or contradictory definitions of “operation Of law? oo... ee eeceeeeceeereeeeceeeeeeeereeseeaeees 225

G2. “We Social (omereyC Gia cl yates sd siu-aaadectonencenasiearsataneaterencesteuat phe dendouesenuenseteatewreiajer: 231 8.2.1 TPO MUCH ON cries Gedessecceassasvecdssacesenetassneesorecevael sendeeenslosivestasbacessedeeases oosdsessseebesbaeced cies tease 231

8.2.2 Government violation of the Social Contract/Compact........eceeceeceeeeeereeeneeeneeeneeeseeenaees 232 8.2.3 Rousseau’s description of the Social Contract/Compact ..........ceccsssseeeceeeeceeeeeeeeceseeaeees 234 8.2.4 Breaches of the Social Compact subject to judicial remedy «00.0... eeeeeeseeeseeeneeeneeeneees 236

8.2.5 TWO social compacts 1n AMEPICA 0... eee esseesseceeceseceseceseeeseeeseeeseeesneesneeeaeeeaeeeaeeeaaeenaees 238

8.2.6 The TWO social contracts/compacts CANNOT lawfully overlap and you can’t be subject

to: BOTH At the Same UMC ssiccececdesvessssicescscttecseaesetecoed ctwassandenecssdesbesnsbtsnncestenesteatevedsavaeress 239 8.2.7 Challenging the enforcement of the Social Contract in a Court of law oo... eee 240 8.3. Domicile: You aren’t subject to civil law without your explicit voluntary consent............ 244 8.4 Consent circumscribes the legislative boundary between FOREIGN and DOMESTIC .....252 8.5 Christians are forbidden by God’s law from consenting to ANYTHING governments offer or

do 253

8.6 Those who do not consent to ANYTHING offered by a government are called “sovereign” and legislatively “foreign” in relation to that specific government 0.0.0... ceeeeeeeeeeeeteeneeeeee 254

Be OTN ee est zas cates uated want cutvase tate nsancsciereee cana detouteaawtenetocestnner tau eesios aa peeteactietteenigeaies 268

ee TS votes ecscicn si lcsnedhcbvceuasctnatosetetssjuseavasiel an caaus@astssnatyiusdennaunseicesnhasupurmeascetnaudeummesieuetanvennaees: 271

8.9 Understanding Administrative Law ..............::ccscccssseeceeseccesseeseneeccenseccesseescetecentencenseeseetenes 277 BLO “Pitan: ty OR Py Ae ya sactsce danced catesancnsondetieseauenanssa deed sa sesnecndeecate sd wadseas sien Masten: 282 S101 Public: vV.-Private law wccihc.ccesisszecctscecceessaselcedi chants scavtcnestavannsderdecesseccsvardeaviadeensé Saud otavtaae 283 S LOD POSTIVE Tia W iss sivciva das sdeetesseossdesacvetencacentesvnsceauves seuctssobasaup cha vataaeebdeas chbecvaydedancapensectaabenseeeses 287 Requirement for Consent 3 of 489

Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry, Form 05.003, Rev. 11-22-2020 EXHIBIT:

8.10.3. How Private Law Acquires the “Force of Law”? ......ieecesesseseseeceseeeeeeceseceeeeeesecnaeeeeeeees 293

8.10.4 Justice in the context of franchises and your right to Contract... ee ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 296 Bel L PG verete ri Mm sgesgesccesaen cates aaeesesstheaeeesade aesiesa lee sceecredsdieee a eteeaeeewen dead 299 SVT. Defi nrt Othssscsevencestestessevesseseceevesesestabean send svadetuore eayav ossany cake saisseaiv ncaa eau aeeeteee 299 8.11.2 How sovereign immunity relates to federalism ....... 0. cece essecseeceeceseceeceeeeeeeeseeeeneeeaee 302 8.11.3 Waivers of Sovereign IMMUMILY...... lec eeceeceseceeeeeeeeecaeeeaeeeaeecsaecsaecsaeceaeesseeeeeeeeneeeneeenee 303 8.11.4 Why PEOPLE can invoke sovereign immunity against governments or government ACUONS sis. 5s asieessetevesssaudseconstatestedacuses oudeeesssdesueas otdeevsuscesiessa saesusebaeesessosebesssaenseesoetdtenseieesnes 306 8.11.5 | How PEOPLE waive sovereign immunity in relation to governments ............ eee 308 8.11.6 How corrupt governments illegally procure “implied consent” of People to waive their SOVELEL OM, UMN sacs aus vated cus ovecasuisaes didcusases ued th ob cease eveusn ves) ohebedt civacsvicndideutuetensttossesye 309 9 Government avoidance of legal requirement for CONSENE ..............scccecccsesscssssccsesccssssscssseceess 312 OL Nip O OM ssc gen esa ade oecet casa cesses eee eee 314 9.2 Why and how the government deceives you into believing that “private law” is “public law” in order to PLUNDER and ENSLAVE you unlawfully 00... eeeesseecseceeeeeeeeeeaeeeaeenes 319 9.2.1 Constraints on government legislative POWEL ............:cescesceseceeeceseeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeaeetseeesaeenaees 319 9.2.2 How they deceive you into thinking that PRIVATE law is PUBLIC law that you must ODCY 2A teeiaet cscecteteiectuiss sietecthGaaseteassnodencuseaT erie eyes ieaesctusen oededee vale Adbacees Hewett isddascleineualecasdees 320 9.2.3 How to know when you are being tricked... eee ceeceseceseceeeceseeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeaeeeaeeeaaeenaees 321 O29. AADUSES OF SOVEIOIET IDUIILY psccieeinsssuectaseedrameioceeene ees ae ae ee 323 9.4 Invisible consent: The weapon Of tyrants... eee eseceseceseeesneeeneeceeeceseeeseeeeneeceaeceseeesneeeneees 327 9.5 Government Franchises: Consenting to these will destroy ALL your other rights.............. 330 9.5.1 Summary of the effects of franchises... eseeseessecsseceeceeceeceseeeseeeseeeeeeesaeeeaeeeaaeenaees 332 9.5.2 DDG Lt O's: dees cas sess Salseteant cdeseescavchgvss debedha ses taeesstenened es ahd handed eaay ease nie eaeaees 335 9.5.3 Basis for the legal authority to establish government franchises .............eeeesseeseeeseeeeeees 337 9.5.4 Franchise operation in a simplified nutshell 0.0.0... eee ceeeeeeceeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeseeeaeeeaaeenaees 340 9.5.5 Where franchises may lawfully be enforced... eeeceeceeeeeeeceseeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeaeesaeeenaeenaees 347 9.5.6 How franchises are stealthily introduced and propagated by a corrupted government within jurisdictions outside their territOry.......... ce eeeceseceseceseceeeceseeeeneeeeeeeseeeaeesseeeaaeenaees 348 9.5.7 How private parties abuse franchises to compel you to contract with the government...353 9.5.8 How franchises are lawfully abused as snares by corrupt rulers to trap and enslave the innocent and the ignorant and Undermine the Constitutional separation of powers ....... 355 9.6 The Internal Revenue Code is not Public or Positive Law, but Private Law...................0.. 362 9.6.1 The Internal Revenue Code repealed itself and all prior revenue statutes when it was COMI I 1939 coco cos cesesacedesscersseesSess cSesteetastye sas sect seed aiauseb da vaaeoente ta acaenesemeer sees: 362 9.6.2 The Internal Revenue Code is not public law or positive law, but private law that only applies to those who individually CONSE... eee eesecsseceeceseceeeeeeeeeseeeeneeeaeeeaeeeaaeeaaees 365 9.6.3 The “Tax Code” is a state-sponsored Religion, not a “law” for people domiciled in states Of the: WMlOdics...iciesiiicieieesteseasistionssesedoe cides stein headless duieesdaphad easels siabiomeabielennatdadoeae 368 9.6.4 How you were duped into signing up for the socialism franchise and joining the state- Sponsored religious CULE. ssscsc..cesessscetedeaoctiasdeassnueseetevtvesescucnasasu sasecuten ideeyttsdedastcusseuarduasende 384 9.6.5 No one in the government can lawfully consent to the socialism franchise agreement ..392 9.6.6 ONLY You can consent to enlarge the powers of government, not people in the POVEINIMENE craves sacsiseccessessputeteas case svses Sivephutenduseseauvacnparaveasseaubesrsdetivenscvalsestaadesnseesassoraeese 398 9.6.7 How did you CONSENT to the “Quasi-Contract?? oo... ceecessseeesseceeeeceeeeceaeeaeeeeceaeeneees 405 9.6.8 The secret to opting in and out for Nonresident aliens is HIDDEN ....... eee eee 409 9.6.9 Modern tax trials are religious “inquisitions” and not valid legal processes .............00+ 410 9.6.10 No Taxation Without Consent .....0... cece cesecesecsseceeeceseeeseeeeeeeeneeeseeeaeecaaecsaecsaecsaeeeaeesseeees 426 9.7 Administrative methods to eliminate or avoid or hide the requirement for “consent” ........ 429 9.7.1 Rigging government forms to create false presumptions and prejudice our rights.......... 431 9.7.2 Misrepresenting the law in government publications ........... eee eeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeenaees 432 Requirement for Consent 4 of 489

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9.7.3 AUItOMALION siccecccsisicedecsscs dedasseestcaseessedsdeceedssbionwodesssoseeeasenedebiveceseacs¥uiece lvicoe dee sselicncesvavedeeasses’ 433

9.7.4 Concealing the real identities of government wrongdoe®S..........eeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeneeeneeeeees 434 9.7.5 Making it difficult, inconvenient, or costly to obtain information about illegal government ACE VITIES ai Sikes Sebeeasichacesastedtbe as vabvesescbevteses loaves toresnes tolvayesaubevises uiteas beactenl <pliesanlenmiacsmnoeeae 439

9.7.6 Ignoring correspondence and/or forcing all complaints through an unresponsive legal support staff that exasperates and terrorizes “CUStOMETS” .........esesseeeceteeneeeeceseeeeeeeeaeenee 440 9.7.7 Deliberately dumbing down and propagandizing government support personnel who have to: implement: the: Law ssicccssiestocreselecuctccecsse varie seerteareceds awsogdeteslaphouctttees aided atria 441 9.7.8 Creating or blaming a scapegoat beyond their control ....... eee ee eeeeeeeeeereeeneeeeeeeeenaees 442 9.7.9 Terrorizing and threatening, rather than helping, the ignorant ..0..... eee eeeeeeeeseeeree trees 443 9.8 Common sources of illegal government CUIESS .......... eee eeeceeeeeeesseceseceeeeeeeeetaeeceaeeneeeeneeeneees 445 9.8.1 Deceptive language and words Of aft... ee eeseeesecsseceseceeceeceeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeaeeeaeeeaeeeaaeenaees 446 9.8.2 Ignoring Responsive Correspondence to Collection Notices .........eeeeeeeseeseeseeeneeneees 447 9.8.3 Fraudulent forms and publications 0.0.0... eee csseeeseceseceeceecsseceseeeseeeeeeseneeeneeeaeeeaeeenaeenaees 447 9.8.4 Political propasand a sc sicsetis.eieehisisecined dees setae eeiaa ent earonite pet .ctelonte sire 448 9.8.5 Deception of private companies and financial institutions ee eee eeeeseeereeereeeneeeeees 449 9.8.6 We Ball Err OPIS MM api lanue, deetecadvaapericssivocdenss te ¥oussin: fo Wasesesnesbliseaade cad eaebu asses veselabladeastuasdens 450 9.8.7 Coercion: OF federal JUA SES i. si. scccitsisccssvedssetovesdsotevsnctosicastilosevbassaceess ssupseasasseeusulsederssacsaeste 450

9.8.8 Manipulation, licensing, and coercion of CPA’s, Payroll clerks, Tax Preparers, and

DAWYCES sisbecsceveecelecerisecueseseceuasisassensetedeeits souvenns sedvestesdbuedea coudeasstuuves se lngedl eenbesibsenetiaosdanenae 451 10 Dealing with government avoidance Of CONSENE ...........cssccccsssccssssccsesscesssscsssscsssecsssssccsssessesese FOL 10.1 Enforcing the requirement for consent against the governMent ........... cee eeeeeeeeceeeeeeeeeeneees 452 10.1.1 | Defenses useful in court to mandate the requirement of consent 0.0.0... ee eeeeseeeseeeeeeees 452 10.1.2 How to skip out of “government church worship services” ..........:cescceseeseeeeceeeeeeeeeeeeenee 453 10.1.3. How to develop evidence of the absence Of CONSENE ........ eee eeeeeeeneeereeeeeenseceaecnaeeeseeees 455 10.1.4 How to argue the requirement for Consent if COUT 00... ee eeeeeeeeeneeereeceeceaeceaecnaeeeseeees 456 10.2 Using the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) to Defeat Attempts to Compel Participation in) (SO VemInbent PramiChises,cxicc.tetvsdaces seacedseesden ices tosacerussaeenscecrecewd ea asia ees de eee eee 463 10.2.1. “Imtroductton: to the: UCC 6 wcjececcevsscassictaneasscnasenascsaceertdscxcseveusnnntaacenages es yhes cease teuata ete uonente 463 L022. ~“Merchantor Buyer? siicstt.cstecstectapiiercstedetaa lesb esindied oie sbeactisiedealesbusseble nel viteavoacsenertoaleeheus 463 10.2.3. Why Definitions are Important ....... eee ceeeceneceseceeeeeseeeeeeeseeeeneeeaeecaeecaaecaaecaecnaeenaeenes 467 10.2.4 UCC provisions useful in defeating franchises... ee eeesseeeneeeneeereeeeecsseceaecnseenseenes 469 10.2.5. Using definitions to destroy or replace the government’s Offer...........eseeceecceseeeeeereeeeeeee 471

BE A Trea h (GIP ACh sccciscsscececeeskaesaaescecstecexaesscenacessauersetentsvanevactanciotessecsateaaesntarmustancaniamisentcaune LD 12 Resources for Further Study and Rebuttal ................cccsssscsssscssssscssssccssscscssssscssssscssssssssssssseses 470 13 Questions that Readers, Grand Jurors, and Petit Jurors Should be Asking the

GOVENMIMEIE ioiosa ce cdsesesicacdstsescessnsdsasacacecesssesscsesesenseseon se oasece sévasesesd causes so sessenseease5esdessese0dcesesssecesssessec 42.0

LIST OF TABLES Table 1: Consent as the boundary between PUBLIC and PRIVATE as well as DOMESTIC and FOREIGN ................ 58 Table 2: Biblical v. Legal use of terms within the Bible relating to domicile 0.0.0... ee eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeceseeeseesaeenaeenaes 60 Table 3: Legal justice v. Social/Political JUStice 0... eee eeeeceeseeeeeeeeecesecesecsecsaecseecaeesaeseaeeeeseeeesecesessaecaecaecsuecseeeaeeeaeeegs 134 Table 4 Equality of Opportunity v. Equality of Outcome .0..... eee ee ceeecesecsse esse cacecaeesaeeeeeeeeeeseeesecsecsaessaecaecaecaeeeaeeeneeees 144 Table 5: Comparison of God with Satan... ee cecececsecseeeseseseeeseeeseeecesecaecsaecsaecsaecaeecseeeaeseaseeeeeeesaeesecaecaecaeseseaeeeaeeees 167 Table 6: The three methods for exercising our right to COMtIACE oe ee ee eee cee ceeeceecseeeeeeeeeeeeeseeaecaecsaecsaecsaecsaeeaeeeaeeees 179 Table 7: Rules for Sovereign Relations/Government .......... eee eceecceescesecesecsseceseceecseeeseeeaeseaeeseeseeesecaecsaecsaecsaecsaeeaeeeaeeees 261 Fable.8: Public-v. Private/Special LAW .2.ts.disccscicsscascsecssh ieee co chscle coshagseeesdbsie cases See sctscdngesbevepensb dceeqievsesuesipesiaessoesdoesbacueancengees 285 Table 9: Applicability of laws of the United States to various jurisdictions 0.0.0... eee eeeeeeeeeceesceeecesecesecaecaecaeeeseeeaeeees 291 Table 10: Effect of participating in franchises UPON YOUF StatUs oe ee ee cece esse ceeecseeceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeesecaecsaecsaecsaecseeeneeeaeeees 334 Requirement for Consent 5 of 489

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Table 11: Comparison of Political Religion v. Christianity 0.0.0... ee ceecesecesecssecseeceeeceeeeeeeeeeeeeeesecesecsaecaecaecsueceeeaeeeaeeees 375 Table 12: Comparison of treatment of “witches” to that of “tax protesters”... eee seesscseesecnseeeceseceeesecaeesecseeeeesaeeeeaeeas 418


Constitutional Provisions

LOth: Amen dime nt in. seiess os cevesessenseeedonctesnus evacsassecesvsuseusseslecsvsseupevacsnbesbevsisieveee toes tssuubevassusoasbebunseduses bash gosucedaceunoaghuonevedtooasoeaee2 T3 th Amen dimen 5. ieee civisisseceusscepSacvei uv desea voacveusbueusesasesbeusun suievusbesvaselousdeecapSac¥osuuv edie se dasvoodeuedesinsdeebannosdesousd sevouniveers

13th and 14th Amendments

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16th Amendment Congressional Debates, Family Guardian Fellowship « eceeceeeceeeseeeeeeeceeeceseeeaecaecaecsuesaeesaeeeaeeees 378 Ist, 2nd, 4th, Sth, 6th, 7th, or LOth Amendment rights ......0 eee eeeeesseceeeeecseeceeeeeesaeceeeeecsaeceeneecsaeceeeeecsaeceeeesaaeceeeeeenaeeennees 149 Oth, AMEN GME NE 3 s25c5538 bch cevcecktadadeessaziveectsuas abes seas decide fabevsguscees sel eaesicu seoesauagadsvage see basdsagesageseeessbuyabepued seeded eeoesucyseeessersaeeenaNes 475 Alabama Constitution of 1901, Art. 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Declaration of Independence....50, 54, 55, 59, 61, 95, 106, 129, 133, 137, 138, 141, 159, 162, 171, 173, 186, 192, 193, 198, 199, 210, 219, 224, 245, 252, 254, 287, 295, 296, 298, 301, 310, 345, 347, 367, 370, 398, 399, 426, 428, 429, 450, 477

Declaration: of Independence; 77.6 .ss: cas. cevisciccsenssensvensacecees shes tesdscescseescesnseusedscsesccns sayebeducs eoscanteahandsesvacudesseubedaesbnssceedendeiedereses 255 Eleventh Amendment ..............cccccccccsessscecececsessnsececcceceeseseaesececeesseseeseescecsesseaeseeceeceesesaeseeeceesesseaeseeeeeees 137, 275, 303, 324, 400 Federalist #41. Saturday, January 19, 1788, James Madison ............cesccesececsseceeececeseceseeeceaecesceecaeeeeneecaeeeseeecaeeeeneecsaeeeeneerea 94 Federalist No. 51, p. 323. (C. Rossiter ed. 1961) oo... cee eeseeecceeseeceeeeecssecesneecsaeceeeecsaeceeneecaaeceneecsaeceeneecnaeceeeeesaeeeeneesnaeeenees 394 Fifth Amendment ...........cccccccecssccsseceeseeceeeceeseecsseeeeseecsseeeeneeenes 54, 104, 136, 175, 177, 282, 291, 404, 411, 413, 432, 439, 449 Fifth Amendment ‘Takings Clauses cc.:cis-cssceiscssasscnessasndeasesscteterescisceeadsebad ousedsceusodna bayebeanseseoahsabhsedscedbecieasnbesnesunactecodesodssorsss 318 Fifth or Thirteenth Amendment ..............ccccccccssccecssccecesseececseneececsceeceesaeeecensaeeecseeecneaaececsecaececsaeeeceeaaeeecensaeeesseeecneaeeessenaeess 104 First Amendment...........ccccccceceseeeereeeees 175, 176, 205, 235, 245, 248, 278, 371, 381, 410, 411, 432, 433, 447, 462, 479, 480 Requirement for Consent 6 of 489

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Fourteenth AMendMent ..............cccccccessssecececeeessssaececececsesseaesecececeessaaesecececeesseaeeeseeeeeesenseaeseeeeeeesaes 251, 267, 292, 307, 375, 481

Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1 oo... cccccsescccccessessssncecececsessaececececeessaaesesececsessuaseesececeeseaaeaeseeeeeesssteaeees 145, 186, 283, 321 IMVe Bt C Atle a: foseeceaccseenccsucceuencess cecencdecueaesecatsccecencucveest cou geveueachetetecs cectaacneesaceuadecuenenstsaeetceceaencete ceeasatert aeniecetertenc: 427, 428, 429 Maeiia; Cantacicl’ AQ: C1 215)) ds Fsscecercecencvcstecazescescacysnseshacsgececnsnetcneceqeceswacedecnecsazs chcnssetedeescoreseuestecaussceossch neaeteat ye messsetveneegeeeratts 87 Right to Petition clause of the First Amendment 0.000... cece eceeceeesceeeceseceseceaecaecaaecaeecaeeeaeeeaeeeeseeeseceaecaecaecsaesaeeeaeeeaeeees 432 Sixteenth AmMendMEN » cicedecenceedecdedfedesetdessecaucdedeceudedseedsedeedesscececedeeesevestdeGaecanedeusauncesdecantsedeougeetedaacesPedeeseseeecteeaedees 378, 428, 429 Sixth AMeNAMENt........ cece cccccccssssscececececsesssececececsesssaesecececsesesseaesececsesesseseseeececseeaaesecececeeaaececececseseasaeseeeceeseaeaeseeeeeenenees 380 Tenth Amendment ..........ccccccccccccccecssssssscecececsesssaececececsessaaececececeesesaesesecececsesaeseeeeeceeeesaeaesececeesesaeaeseceesesesaaeeeecceesesnaaeeeeeeeeeenees 271 The Federalist No. 45, pp. 292-293 (C. Rossiter ed. 1961) oo... eee eecesecesecssecsseceeecaeecseeeseeeeeeeseeeesseeaecaecsaecsaesaeeeneeeaeeeas 348 The Federalist No. 51, p. 323. (C. Rossiter ed. 1961) oo... ceeeeescesneecsseceeeeecsseceeneecaeceeneecsaeceeeeeeaaeceeneecaeceneeeaeceeeeesnaeeenees 272 Thirteenth Amendment..............cccceccececessseeeeseeeees 54, 104, 172, 177, 192, 199, 206, 211, 212, 236, 326, 334, 357, 457, 485 WS. Const., Amats, Do. VA bi cecdiescsase deccsdansieesseneadecsguededsash savevensvabusdet eadecsaacaddsdss ddeesanbeandsdatescesnadeiadsaas ares duns sabesaabercvenaeeteesiasdzeves 386 WS. Const.Amt. T,. VO CU: Too. dets ccccedeccacecsds cas seuds ccvaensece codes cteaseescutan ccd ccaucedecxaedcessacvesteceacs yesve cacees sac oe 4s caeaeus ecaaghupecceaccdacnediCeeets 386 W:S:, Const, Arti. 1,8 5. cssccesscescesescascasesteqedssesi gives ceasseiscaaasdds vseaaceecasaaesssseasedsosaccceediavedsducdanogawcaseega soa sedge caesecsbedbadegs ccsnecsacsaasdgects 348 WS: Const, Art: T2850. Bossi acseticiisesee cath} cdses seccssavasselisvvscedeevdhd decvvacdeveGeisedechvbesdecndes o}icawsaisuessniedecdenestecedbasbicdeecesteusiees 269, 386 WW Sz COMStitW tl OM ices. si5s3csiasidesescnscdsssvceseseelbeiedececcevaseabedecenbeldeshcessitceessacs sodesadedossstiasetbadieosses 172, 174, 277, 278, 291, 389, 447 WW SrA. CONnSHHUUEOM (5.5.5 /scsevscstaecidsceciceceseusdelecececceseseabedecuvsessecseebvitcseSeeuesesesndscoshassaaseebiiteoubecdesvehseiuaeaisésoeneededvevenets 138, 232, 314 WS:C-A. Const; Art. 35.8200) Wie cccccsessusthei ccs varcesasuasadecewisase Dees beidcecdeiceecbersdiceesacee sousbuiceoussdeaesuuotds isbeedetuebea deosnseavesdesedeeeseses 215 WSC A: Const. art. 33'S US t SOC eis cwescecsict uecesceccuesaeasndecseasesecscabeiscnee rseeapunsudeseeasnge soaesvicenedsdternservicaseesede se caivacendersteasaesnieapeesie 215 United State Constitution .........cccccccsescccccecsesssececececsessnsesecececsessuaesecececeeeaaeseseecceessuaesesececeeseaseaesececeesesesaeeeesceesesseaeeeeseeeeesnes 261 United States Constitution ...........c.cccccceseessssssssssscssscsnsssesceeseeesesesesesesesesesusesesesuseseeesusesuseseaesuaesuaeaeaeaeaeaeaeauaeauaeaeenees 171, 267, 305 WIS As COmstit erm... .25 6225s scescccs ass edeaees cosa Sau s ida vcehced sWayudeciiees cy Dovel uSeeacasdevs she becedcehedeubeub bes caneh sews eeecedsausacuecbacdeauescencontetistaveveeses 276 Statutes

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Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry, Form 05.003, Rev. 11-22-2020 EXHIBIT:

QO WSC 8 7 QO 7 ocak ccs setesecbsvdocs ues oehcblecaca aceiGks ths vtebsciencaasabivinas lausadbeais veeupassacbedisecasesisnsots Pay taussabeoseseianenasqageianseestbeengiaviencs ZOU S.C. 87343 yocnsccicsathelesccsctons davtaasdbeeth sacasolbasancstausciussaa.dlevdese :basdaneatesiapecaedahsdbasiostesbelinvetertees 291, 365, 389, 392, 404, 468 DOMES: CVO7AOS (G) oss ess.s cecscestogacaseneds toeacees cataduetss cadets shcagcescueucsiestaas cesesattuesencacon ceaeseacetasanceaesoveests 308, 326, 352, 373, 389, 390 DOMES CYS A2 G ses coazes cases se scieasetscescueestcustes cnschscesccacatechecsdeacenoss¢catgssevcumseveasqeaacencaaugnetsnesecedeuaeeotsdaa shoei ctetstetettateresataseticaeasteees: DOM: COTA SA os cosets acca sececeasessceiguvesss castes cnacheesn<cauedecnecttesctiacss4satgucessuusevatcneasceeceussetcasssoe:naeuetasauseGeaccvstetoneascacsccasetacienssiaeds DO MS C28 TAA Th cseg te casegee cav'esenue tans eq sipeshensted ease voey sexcede sus sseusacuceee vateduevsaeuce esacoadesenstenedsatsaenivansaseenivvsvervenssereniteeniviensr este 197, 486 DO MDS COTA 9 I os sc eaccz scececeasetscaicecessneceeschscseesucaucets ste cstesh casei sas etcessuasceiesaianceececvohescaeasceacsugustasacasaneveueteasuson east sates 389, 459 20 WSC 9 FOBT A) so sea sate ca sc tcen steastes cnschoces<cgeetectecsceschesosiecetaveasseetensestaaceecauagieienasteaeees 282, 283, 295, 358, 379, 453, 484 DO MS CS FLO DG) ose seasecs cas caves sneaceeschscseescaucets ste csteesh cassis sas etcesecescesesatanceececcohetcnsasceceaugenes sacas(geceseusescatitans caeucteass 176, 208 20 WS CN 671 OU (A) 26) asc asessets ct scstee canctiscnccsceeeccocate aq seseuetcsisattoscessautessaseeqecee ctansertssaseontesetsoeaste 351, 384, 385, 455, 469, 481 DO MS CS TAO BO) a sacs secs cai cecessneuceeschscsees<ceucets cue cdteeshcaseit sas etcessuaucesesaianceecucvohetcnessceeusequstsaneaschesuceests dhcqeats caegenteets 320, 334 DO MS CNS TAO ayy BU) s24ssearats cag teseneuctasctscsceescaacess chee sGessecuceit casei ueasuencstesasaacescnacedetcasascesneqqustasteasraecpeeesesatjoteaetoss. ts 334, 469 DOMES C8 71 OM AyD) a sea sea tees cascscessceacetscaectoeans cavadesesgteacuaucnststcasceseauiecetcnaas cee racensetsaussosieuetsottet 308, 326, 352, 373, 389, 390 DO MS 5 FLOM yA) oe aes ccs feta ates fenpscacsetcnacices sc cacstesaassceacacschsacaistcavecutesessnenscderavuise4scase cecaueisctass ess secsteuctensasdssiesstustedciattescees 26 U:S.C.: 87701 (a)(Q) and (a)(1O) .cccsecectseiececescesnsessedecpessedecedhsedeconestepnpunnededseiocdscetebodaderaccdenvbesniuésbesse 177, 305, 328, 373, 444 26 WES:C.8 77 OTB) CL) (a) xe sacs echo. ibs eestes ssi ea ddapios cats waned capnccete eh shkbialds cabins vbsnndudelnses tessshboilesusscaeDbelht fecdbastes suchindicouacteePietbediesteses 26 WS:€.8 7701 (BY) (A) i scenneaiks bcseeshen test tedden ceesentebib ude deecsntess ibives desta enuenlocexasceesuensndleeuhess 231, 308, 331, 333, 408, 409, 410 26 W:S:€.8 7701 (b)C1)(B) css cnsexees feesei scent cathe ieee ci scaa cat pudeapnass eth hdd ddpskben gabe dudseieces suabbidiedarcesteeseeldeeises 249, 258, 260, 308, 444 26 WES: C8 770 (DY A) sons cs ci ssee ance ficsed shentveh to iececententi bss udaaginesn toss hihds cesbbeap spunse Locsedsbes sushsodaspeheegenstasbdadsebssauchiedbidensssieh slehits 260, 408 26 WES: COST 11). wa vcsi sive ssen sabes Wisse scestealbbs coca ents ues hdaapecstensoehbniilcs daeten shu sndaesehosaunesS oi lcaukstesyenasndicosaaver eh Gbedebeases 259, 404, 458 26 WS:€. 87803 (ay) (Ad) vi szeeseencs feeseeshessueh sudden css cute beb sds dcecsese sy saibivies Dussics eubesnducevdes tesssh snd leeubegannehshivdses «tes cbebsbilcodanvesbieapndrasease: 26 WES: CoS B40 sagss cose castes escesceeyskube HascesceseeelSa leis cehcestseisudescecsnae psbkoisisckaceyesbabeducsecccgersshbbilosussgasnpteibivessss(eedbehiaiies dasveensbunndrasweses 20 WSC. 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Part IV, Chapter 97 starting at section 1602 0... eee eecesecesecesecesecaeecaeecseeeaeeeeeeseeseeesseeesecaecsaecsaeceeeaeeeaeeegs DOMES CS O92 (9) aus sat sac csevategsteotssadutesteasves santies ocssgcnaitgeascerctesteactaresttecterscesgmtanetorc esuneseenaceaest gnearttseesestersiqsteraccteaia taaeaeecoreass PUSS C09 2 here 5s see cecatadececsent uaa chasce scans cue Gace seteatsatuecucmaceanstasies ofan scuseatecioeussngcetecteaszeytanecereateaeeartt gece esteerss tate eteceateseucisceens Requirement for Consent 9 of 489

Copyright Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry,

Form 05.003, Rev. 11-22-2020 EXHIBIT:

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